Commitment to Community

Panda believes in an open, transparent process. We invite community involvement and input.

We have developed a plan to ensure elected officials, community leaders, neighbors and other interested parties are kept informed about this project at all stages of the permitting, construction and operation of the generating facility.

Panda will not “rush” this project through. In fact, we are currently working with community stakeholders to ensure local needs are met and any concerns are addressed. We intend to continue to provide plenty of opportunities for dialogue with the community of southern Maryland and to be completely transparent throughout the process of building and operating the proposed power generation facility.

As a result of past stakeholder meetings, Panda has already taken a leadership role in making adjustments to our project based on local feedback to better accommodate the Brandywine North Keys community.

After a thorough review process and meeting with local stakeholders, the proposed site location was selected because the property is zoned for industrial purposes – not residential or rural/farmable land – and is convenient to existing electric infrastructure.

Additionally, The proposed Mattawoman Energy Center is not expected to be visible from nearby Brandywine Road, located 565 yards from plant, as it is designed to have one of the lowest profiles of any comparable generating facility in the United States.

Giving Back

Panda considers a community as more than a place to do business – it’s where we live and give back to our neighbors – through corporate philanthropy and acts of service.

We're not just planning to build this facility; we're planning to operate it, too. That means we’re deepening our roots in the Brandywine community, where the Panda team has been dedicated to serving the community and surrounding areas for more than 20 years by providing environmentally responsible electricity and by giving our time through volunteering to help with local charitable causes.