Economic Benefits

Reliable electricity is critical to the local, state and national economy. The addition of safe and reliable power generation capabilities are needed to ensure that Maryland’s communities maintain power during those times when electricity is needed most.

Plus, Panda Power Funds projects provide tax revenues that power local economies.

The proposed Mattawoman Energy Center will create new, local jobs, adding approximately $1.2 billion in wages and tax revenues* to the local economy during construction and the plant’s first 10 years of operation. Qualified employees are expected to be recruited from the local area, including:

  • 600-700 temporary labor union jobs during the two-year construction of the facility.
  • 25 skilled, full-time jobs to run the facility.
  • 45 indirect jobs are expected to be created in the community to support the facility’s operation.

Maryland currently imports approximately 40% of its power needs from out of state. The proposed Mattawoman Energy Center will help Maryland reduce its reliance on out-of-state power sources while providing jobs and powering the Maryland economy.

*Impact DataSource, Austin, Texas