Environmental Impact

At Panda, we see the Mattawoman Energy Center as an investment into the local community, our children and their future. The safety of workers, the quality of the project and the care of the environment are paramount to everything we do.


The proposed Mattawoman Energy Center will meet or exceed all air quality standards. In fact, the Mattawoman Energy Center will use combined-cycle natural gas technology that converts energy-efficient, clean natural gas into electricity using the latest technologies, making it one of the cleanest natural gas-fueled power plants in the United States.


The generating facility will not use potable water for cooling purposes, and will instead use treated wastewater, conserving Maryland’s natural supply of drinking water and preventing harmful nutrients from otherwise being discharged in to the environmentally sensitive Chesapeake watershed.


No trees are expected to be cleared at the site of the Mattawoman Energy Center. In fact, additional trees and landscaping will be planted along Brandywine Road.