Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this facility needed?

The 990 MW proposed Mattawoman Energy Center is necessary to meet growing regional demand for electricity. The area expected to be served by the facility, which is located near Brandywine, Maryland, is experiencing tremendous growth and demand for electricity in the area continues to rise. Once operational, this project will generate approximately 990 MW of electricity, enough to provide power to more than 990,000 Maryland homes.

If the need for electricity in the area is so great, why isn’t the State experiencing outages like those that have occurred in the past in other states?

Maryland currently imports approximately 40% of its power needs from out of state, causing severe transmission constraint issues. This project will help provide Maryland with locally – sourced power. Additional sources of capacity, like the Mattawoman Energy Center, are needed to ensure Maryland has the power it needs.

Why was the site near Brandywine chosen for a power generating facility?

The Panda Power Mattawoman Energy Center was carefully sited in a location zoned for heavy industrial use and will fully comply with all county requirements. After a thorough review process, the site location was selected because the property is zoned for industrial purposes (“I-2 heavy industrial” zone, not a rural tier) – not residential – and is convenient to existing electric infrastructure. This location helps minimize the impact on neighboring communities, preserves home values and increases the efficiency and reliability of the power grid.

Additionally, the proposed power generation facility meets with the county’s development plan and will be located in the county’s developing tier, appropriate for a power plant. This site was the last remaining heavy industrial zoned property in Prince George’s County.

Will the power plant be visible from Brandywine Road?

The proposed Mattawoman Energy Center is not expected to be visible from nearby Brandywine Road, located 565 yards from plant. The plant has been designed to have one of the lowest profiles of any comparable generating facility in the United States. In fact, the height of the proposed design eliminates the need for FAA lights. Brandywine road runs to the north of the proposed facility, with a significant portion of the road’s sightlines blocked by trees. The site will be further shielded from Brandywine Road with berms and landscaping as part of the proposed project.

Who will own and operate the new facility? Who is Mattawoman Energy?

Mattawoman Energy is wholly owned subsidiary of Panda Power Funds. The Panda team, along with its predecessor organization, Panda Energy International, has developed, financed, built and operated approximately 13,000 megawatts of power generation facilities at a cost of approximately $10 billion. The Panda team managed construction of the two largest natural gas-fueled power plants ever built in the United States. The Panda team has already been dedicated to serving the community and surrounding areas for more than 20 years by providing environmentally responsible electricity. We're not just planning to build this facility; we're planning to operate it, too. That means we’re deepening our roots in the community.

How will the new plant impact the environment?

The proposed Mattawoman Energy Center is designed to operate as one of the cleanest natural gas power plants in the United States. Combined-cycle natural gas plants result in the most efficient use of energy by using advanced technology to cycle “waste” heat to produce additional electricity. The generating facility will convert energy efficient, clean natural gas into electricity using the latest technologies. Panda has a record of successfully and safely building and operating power plants across the country while ensuring public safety and protecting the environment. We are committed to building this plant to the highest possible standards using the latest emissions-control and noise-reducing technologies.

Will the new plant impact the Chesapeake watershed?

No. To preserve Maryland freshwater resources and protect sensitive ecosystems, the generating facility will use treated wastewater for cooling purposes, preventing this wastewater and its harmful nutrients from otherwise being discharged in to the environmentally sensitive Chesapeake watershed.

Will the new plant impact local air quality?

At Panda, the safety of our employees, the quality of the project and the care of the environment are paramount to everything we do. The proposed generation facility will meet or exceed all air quality standards.

Will the new facility source jobs from local residents?

The Mattawoman Energy Center will provide 600-700 temporary labor union jobs during the 2-year construction of the facility and will create approximately 25 skilled, full-time jobs to run the plant once operational. Qualified employees are expected to be recruited from the local area. Additionally, the proposed Mattawoman Energy Center will result in 45 indirect jobs in the community to support its operation. The proposed Panda Power Mattawoman Energy Center will add approximately $1.2 billion in wages and tax revenues* to the local economy during construction and the plant’s first 10 years of operation.

*Impact DataSource, Austin, TX

What if I have concerns about this new facility?

From the beginning planning stages of this project, Panda has offered opportunities for dialogue with community stakeholders and made every effort to be completely transparent throughout the process of building and operating the proposed power generation facility. Panda Power has taken a leadership role in making adjustments to our project based on local feedback to better accommodate the Brandywine/ North Keys community. We intend to continue to respond to community concerns when possible. If you have additional questions or concerns, please email us at